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February 6 at 10:43am · 

Synthetic cannabis is an artificial, mind altering drug that originally mimicked the effect of cannabis. However, newer drugs claiming to be synthetic dope do not replicate the same effects. While the packaging and appearance may not change, the ingredients are constantly changing in order to avoid laws. The branding may remain unchanged but the effects vary from batch to batch.

Synthetic cannabis is sold under many names, and also marketed as aphrodisiac tea, herbal incense and potpourri
It generally contains acetone, a nasty solvent used in glues and cleaners, paints and varnishes

Some of the potential risks of synthetic weed include:
• Fast and irregular heartbeat
• Racing thoughts
• Agitation, anxiety and paranoia
• Psychosis
• Aggressive and violent behaviour
• Chest pain
• Vomiting
• Acute kidney injury
• Seizures
• Stroke
• Death

Withdrawal after long term use can be unpleasant but the consequences of not quitting are far worse; not only are there the mental and physical health issues, but the impact on loved ones watching as you change for the worst

We treat synthetic weed addiction and hypnotherapy can make it easy to quit. It’s the easiest, safest and fastest way to set yourself free from this dangerous behaviour. With years of experience behind us, let us help you to quit smoking Kronic or any other synthetic drugs. We will also help if you wish to just quit smoking weed. Stop now! Book with Evolution Hypnotherapy today

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