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– Physical Wellbeing

“Steve helped us when doctors just turned us away and said there was nothing they could do….

My daughter had a fall not long before her 7th birthday and this resulted in her not being able to walk. Her medical team said there was extensive bruising and in time she would get better. With extensive physio she was able to walk again but was in extreme pain. She felt like her leg was on fire and tingling we were told to ignore it and it would eventually go away. The doctors diagnosed her with complex regional pain syndrome and that it would get worse before it got better and that it did. She lost feeling in her whole left side and could no longer feel her bladder, I had a 7 year old that was so embarrassed because she was wetting herself and had no way of stopping it. Obviously as an extremely concerned mum I went back to the hospital and was yet again turned away. That’s when we turned to Steve and with her first session of hypno she could feel her whole left side after not feeling it for almost 6 months there were tears of happiness all around. A few weeks later we went back for the second session of hypno and Steve worked on her bladder issues and immediately after the session my daughter needed to go to the toilet.

We can honestly not thank Steve enough for giving us our daughter back we had almost given up hope and thought that there was nothing we could do to help.”

– Mel Webb

– Weight Loss

“I’m now down to 68kg so around 30kg lost”

– Jen

“I highly recommend Steve. I have had trouble with my weight for my entire life. Steve helped me to focus on the person that I want to be and enabled me to change the way that I think about food. Weight loss is a journey, but Steve has set me on the right track!”

– Cara (Cara lost approximately 15kg)

“I’ve lost 15kgs so I’m very happy”

– Cheryl

“Steve from Evolution Hypnotherapy has helped me to completely change my diet and lifestyle from bad food habits and negative thoughts to eating more mindfully and looking at the bright side. Without Steve’s help I would not have been as successful to lose weight and become a better and healthier me. I would recommend Evolution Hypnotherapy to all!”

– Nikita

“Steve fixed up my head in many ways and the amazing thing is I don’t desire to binge anymore.”

– Wendy

Depression & Anxiety

“It is indeed a tragedy that many, if not most of us travel through life without ever really being truly happy. Back in August 2015 I rated my happiness as being 3 out of 10. I was working a lot of hours to better to happen so I began to investigatemake ends meet and never had any time or energy left to play with my son or give my wife the love and affection she deserved. I knew I couldn’t keep doing the same things and expect something different to happen so I began to investigate what it was that lead me to the situation I had created for myself (my current reality). I had the idea that my reality was something to do with my ‘minset’ and decided to seek the services of a professional in the field of ‘mindset adjustment’. This lead me to an amazing man named Steve Webb at Evolution Hypnotherapy who within minutes explained that I could have any type of life I wanted.

During the first session Steve identified what it was that I wanted to improve and what was holding me back (a pretty good start as I was 45 and had lots of baggage). To date I have had close to 10 sessions with Steve. Every session has been a life changing experience. I use to suffer from anxiety, depression, procrastination, self-doubt and I practiced self-defeating behaviour. At the time of this letter I would trate my happiness as a 7.5 out of 10 (I’m hard to please).

I’m thrilled with the results. My business has more than quadrupled and I retired from full-time work months ago (I’m 46). I don’t experience any of the emotions that used to hold me back and kept me living in fear. I make better decisions. I have a lifestyle, not a job. I have freedom of mind. I have been on holiday, started swimming, began learning how to play the piano, my family and I go out to the movies and restaurants and the opera. We have begun our lives!

Steve Webb at Evolution Hypnotherapy took me through a logical process to expose rules that I placed on my life and what the cost of those rules would be. Steve took me through every event in my past that was causing me pain and suffering in my current life and then he empowered me to let it all go peacefully.

I could easily go on for hours about the positive effect Steve has had on my life, in my son’s life, my wife’s life, my business, the people who I employ and all my friends and family but I’m not really writing this letter to tell you how great my life is, I’m writing it totell you that you can have the life you want too. You can have the happiness, freedom, love, health, wealth and prosperity you deserve but will never claim because you don’t know how. I want you to know that Steve Webb at Evolution Hypnotherapy has been my partner in my success and if you’re lucky enough to get a session with Steve (he’s very popular) and you’re ready to change your life, you will not be disappointed. My advice is: write down some of the things in your life that you’d like to achieve. Send it to Steve before your first session so he can spend some time customising your session so he can help you better.

Bottom line is…if you want to change your life…then you have to change your life…and Steve is an expert in changing lives. To Steve, I can’t thank you enough for helping me achieve the remarkable improvements in my life. I look forward to what is to come. See you next week. Discover, Enjoy, Improve.”

– Mat

“Before I saw Steve I was socially inadequate about being able to go into public. After seeing Steve I’ve definitely seen a lot of change in my life; I’ve got a lot more confidence within myself, my relationship with my family, my children, has become a lot stronger. I’m wanting to go out in public. I do a lot more things. My anxiety is almost gone and for that I thank Steve. If you want to make a change to yourself do the same and see Steve.”

– Doug

“It’s now, with hind sight I can see how low I was a few short months ago. I was suffering depression and anxiety. I’d resigned from my job of 24 years because I couldn’t cope. I had just rekindled a relationship with my Dad after 14 years. He was dying of cancer and then I lost him. I was losing control of my emotions, crying sometimes without control. It brought all my past to the surface.

I had no job, no money, a mortgage and a family. I didn’t feel capable of looking for, or holding a job. It seemed that no one understood how paralysed I felt. I didn’t know who to turn to. I felt scared, not good enough. That’s when I phoned Steve at Evolution Hypnotherapy. At first I didn’t think hypnosis was for me but Steve was very understanding and supportive. With his counselling and therapy, I have now dealt with my past and I see it in a new light. I have turned negative into positive thoughts.

Hi Steve. I am extremely happy. 100% better than what I was. Thanks so so much.”

– Amber (anxiety regarding IBS)

“I have now been employed for 2 months and it gets a little easier every week. I now believe in myself and my future. I couldn’t have done this without Steve’s help and guidance and I highly recommend him. I appreciate all that I have in my life now and how much I had to lose. Thanks Steve.”


Nail Biting

“I had never been for this type of therapy before, as I was somewhat sceptical. But it was just like being in a counselling room, feeling very safe, and it was very restful and because I did not have to do masses of talking, only listening to good positive words and imagery, it was non stressful! I came out feeling like I could feel my self-esteem growing, and with the ability to conquer my nail biting and phobias at last! Steve was very good with knowledge, and with a gentle nature too, Recommended.”

– Sondra (still not biting her nails 4 years later)

“I am 46 years old and I’ve bitten my nails for as long as I can remember. I’ve tried to stop on many occasions but haven’t managed to last more than a few days. Steve hypnotised me once and I stopped, immediately. I haven’t had any desire to bite my nails since, so it’s been an effortless journey. Two months later, my nails look great.”

– Graham

Bed Wetting

“I am the mother of an 11 year old girl. My daughter has been a “bed wetter” for the past 11 years and no matter how I tried to resolve this problem, it never went away. I restricted her fluid intake for up to 4 hours before bed of a night, believing that there would be no fluid in her system, but even this did not solve the problem. Every night I would wake my daughter twice to go to the toilet to help her wake dry. This was causing another set of problems for both my daughter and myself. We were both suffering from broken sleep and being continually tired during the day causing lack of concentration and my daughter’s school work was suffering. My daughter would not go to girlfriends houses for sleepovers or go on school camps for the fear of the bed wetting being discovered.

I discovered Steve Webb, a Hypnotherapist, who I discussed my daughter’s problem with. After a couple of Hypnotherapy sessions, my daughter is a changed person. She has gained in her confidence and has not wet the bed since the sessions. This has surprised even me. I no longer have to wake up twice a night to get her to the toilet, I no longer have to clean the bed linen on a daily basis and the pride in my daughter over this accomplishment is unbelievable. My daughter’s confidence has improved to the point where she now wants and indeed does go to girlfriend’s sleepovers and now wants to go on school camps for the very first time. Her lack of concentration is gone owing to good nights uninterrupted sleep and her school work is improving. (Improving slowly. Not to brilliant stage as yet, but all parents hope for that, but a noticeable improvement). I had doubts that Hypnotherapy would work but I am now firmly in the believer area. Steve Webb is a wonderful hypnotherapist and I would have no reservation in recommending him to anyone with a similar problem or concern.”
– S.B.


“Amazing experience! Very relaxing, doesn’t feel like much is happening but I have quit smoking overnight. I have absolutely no cravings or need to smoke which is amazing after trying everything else to quit for 15 years. I am very grateful and strongly recommend this to everyone!”

– Jemma

“I’ve made numerous attempts to quit smoking over the years but always failed. I’m a nurse and i see first-hand the damage smoking does but still couldn’t give it up. I was finally ready to give up for good but knew i needed some extra help. After one session with Steve I gave up, and 5 weeks later have not touched a smoke and will never go back. Thanks Steve for all you help and ongoing support. I can’t believe how good it feels to be smoke free!”

– Joanne

“I was initially sceptical about hypnosis, didn’t know whether it would work. I am now a true believer!! I am smoke free. I am smoke free and urge free. I never thought this would be possible. I tried everything to quit smoking, but nothing would get rid of the urge. Hypnotherapy was my last resort. I am also thankful that I kept an open mind and allowed myself to try something new. I physically and mentally feel fantastic. Thanks Steve for helping me do something I couldn’t do on my own.”

– Laura

“I went to Steve to quit smoking. When I walked out of my first session I immediately felt better. I’ve tried numerous things to quit with no luck. It’s been nearly 3 weeks and i haven’t had a smoke. I highly recommend Steve, he is the main reason I haven’t had a smoke.”

– Lee

“Went into the session stuck in a rut. Thinking too much about quitting. The sessions broke that cycle and allowed me to quit without thinking about it.”

– Denise

Living My dream Alcohol Free Smoke Free Fat Free

“Hi my name is Jenny and I’m 46 years old, mother of 3 children.

Over the last 12 years I enjoyed like everyone a drink on the weekend with friends but over time my drinking started to get out of control and I started to drink for emotional reasons and then just out of habit and then just because I couldn’t go 2 days without a drink, then I would binge drink. I would also smoke cigarettes while I drank. I hated myself for what I had become and what I looked like. After drinking for so long the alcohol had taken a toll on my body inside and out.

I wanted to be a better wife and a better mother to my 10-year-old daughter and to my 2 older children. So after many attempts of trying to stop on my own I decided to visit Steve and see how he could help me change my life. Well what can I say but thank you Steve, thank you so much for giving me my life back!!! In three short months I can say I’m alcohol free and smoke free and I can’t express how happy I am and how easy it was the whole experience was amazing I don’t feel as I have ever been a drinker or smoker. I don’t miss it or want it even when around friends, I still can’t touch a can of alcohol or even a can of solo, Steve did a wonderful job lol. Once I was feeling really great I moved on to sheading the kilo’s I had stacked on over the years, Steve has a wonderful weight loss program that I’m joying because it’s not a diet it’s a change for life.After two months I am happy to say I’m 12 or more kilos down and feeling like a new person.

Oh and my husband who had been smoking for 30 years and up to 40 cigarettes a day had two sessions with Steve and has been smoke free for 3 months 🙂 and If my hubby can do it anyone can do it !!”

– Jenny