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Weight Loss

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“Steve fixed up my head in many ways and the amazing thing is I don’t desire to binge anymore. I am confident that I will be able to maintain the weight I have lost with the help from Steve.” – Wendy

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Is Losing Weight a Losing Battle for You?

Diets don’t work. Reseach indicates that dieters generally weigh more 5 years after commencing a diet than they did when they started.

Why is it so hard?

We all know how to lose weight in theory, which only makes it more frustrating! Dieting is not sustainable, it’s a cycle of eating, obsession, deprivation and guilt. Have you often craved what you can’t have and found that you can’t stop thinking about it? Have you stood on the scales after trying so hard during the week, only to find that there’s been no loss, or worse, your weight has gone up and you feel like a failure?

Does this sound like you?

The great news is it doesn’t have to be like this; there is an easier way. The difference is, we get to the root of the problems

Evolution Hypnotherapy’s Weight Loss 4 Life Program

Choose from 2 Options


Our 6 session Weight Loss 4 Life Program includes:

Week 1 – Assessment. The alternative to diets.

Week 2 – Releasing unhelpful thoughts feeling and behaviours. Body Image.

Week 3 – Goal setting. Exercise, nutrition, food and shopping.

Week 4 – Self awareness and motivation.

Week 5 – Reassessment, confidence and resilience.

Week 6 – Staying on track 4 life.

Plus a Weight Loss Hypnotherapy CD

  • A weight loss program tailored specifically for you and addressing your own unique challenges.
  • Powerful subconscious techniques that clear away past limitations and barriers
  • We'll keep you accountable, focused and inspired to look and feel amazing
  • Healthy, sustainable weight loss.
  • Learn new persectives and set achieveable goals.
  • Between session guidance if required.
  • You will develop a healthy new relationship with food.

* Sessions may vary according to individual needs


Our 10 session ‘Gold’ Weight Loss 4 Life Program

Enjoy all the benefits of Option 1, but have the long term peace of mind in knowing that you have four extra sessions that will be spaced weeks or months apart (depending on your needs), to maintain long term support and slimness.  

Jen (above)

Steve did a wonderful job … Once I was feeling really great I moved on to shedding the kilo’s I had stacked on over the years, Steve has a wonderful weight loss program that I’m enjoying because it’s not a diet it’s a change for life… with his help I have lost 32.2 kilos’

– Jen

“Steve from Evolution Hypnotherapy has helped me to completely change my diet and lifestyle from bad food habits and negative thoughts to eating more mindfully and looking at the bright side. Without Steve’s help I would not have been as successful to lose weight and become a better and healthier me. I would recommend Evolution Hypnotherapy to all!”

– Nikita

*individual results may vary