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Hypnosis is a state of natural deep relaxation and concentration. It helps you to use the power of your mind and your creative imagination to find new ways of dealing with problems and to alter unwanted patterns of behaviour.
The hypnotic state enables you to access the ability of the subconscious mind to resolve deeply rooted issues. Hypnotherapy is known as a short term therapy, meaning that results are achieved quickly by comparison to most other forms of therapy. Clients tend to agree that hypnosis is very relaxing and enjoyable, and best of all it achieves results.

The best project you’ll ever work on is yourself!

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Are you unable to control your addictive behaviour even though your addiction is starting to impact on your quality of life?

Addictions of any kind will eventually lead to your life becoming unmanageable. It begins with your loss of control, and later, your dependence on the behaviour even though you know it’s doing you harm. Sooner or later these addictions may affect your self-esteem, your mood, your relationship with friends, family and social network, your work, your finances, and your hopes and dreams for the future.

Many things can become addictions – gambling, prescribed medications, illegal substances, sex, exercise, work, cigarettes, alcohol, in fact anything that you are dependent on that negatively impacts your quality of life. Addictions often involve cycles of unwanted behaviour, control and relapse.

Without treatment or engagement in recovery activities, addiction is progressive and can in some cases result in disability or premature death.

Evolution Hypnotherapy can help you break the cycle. We offer a free, no obligation 20 minute consultation so that we can discuss a treatment that’s right for you. Contact us today.


Whether you binge drink, or whether you regularly drink too much, alcohol can have some terrible impacts on your life and those around you. It puts you at high risk of a number of different types of cancers, cardiovascular disease, scarring of the liver, pancreatitis and much more. Alcohol is linked to depression, dementia and poor sleep. It is a contributor to family violence, car accidents and aggression. The list goes on. Hypnosis can be an effective tool to enable you to reduce or stop your over drinking. When alcohol is controlling you it’s time to ask for help. Call or email Evolution Hypnotherapy.


We weren’t born angry; anger is a defence mechanism. Sometimes, in moderation it may be helpful. When it is used too frequently it becomes a habit, a default response to certain triggers in our life. Just as we learn a behaviour, we can also unlearn that behaviour and realise that there are other ways of responding, and other ways of viewing those events that anger you. Uncontrolled anger can have a harmful impact on marriages, friendships, the workplace, and our quality of life in general.

In your session you will learn new ways of acting and reacting; new thoughts and relaxation techniques. Be at peace with yourself and the world around you. Contact us today.

Bad Habits

Some habits are unhealthy, some are disgusting, and we are judged by some of our habits. They may feel like a sign of personal weakness. Whatever nasty habit you have acquired, you have had to learn it (probably not consciously); therfore it is just as easy to unlearn and break that habit and in hypnotic trance it tends to happen quickly. Let us help you break that habit.

Bed Wetting

Approximately 5% of children over 10 years of age still experience some degree of bed wetting. If your child has previously had medical assistance but failed to stop nocturnal wetting you may find that hypnosis will make the difference. Your child is likely to have some control over their bladder during the day, when in class for instance, or if there is no toilet at hand; the muscles are required to hold on at night but the communication between the sleeping mind and the waking mind is inadequate.

Hypnotherapy is safe and natural, and it can be used to help your child recognise those signals even while they sleep. Your child’s sessions will simply require them to relax with their eyes closed and imagine the images that I discuss with them.


Hypnosis may be suitable for your child, depending on their age, willingness to attend, attention span, and mental health. Some conditions are not appropraite so please check with us. We recommend children be at least 15 years and over. Please speak with us if you think your younger child may be suitable

*Please note that by law we are bound to report any incidence of child abuse to the authorities.


You might be surprised to learn just how many people suffer from low confidence. These people are around you regularly and yet it’s generally not evident. We don’t often get an insight into the insecurities of others and on the surface they may seem to have it all together.

Evolution Hypnothrapy will work with you to build genuine confidence, positive self talk, a healthy self-image and a belief that anything just might be possible. You will learn new, powerful ways of looking at, and processing your life and the world around you. We will teach you tools that you can apply day to day to be the best you that you can be.


We provide counseling, with or without hypnosis

Our counselling services include:

  • Grief Counselling
  • Gambling Counselling
  • Relationship Counselling
  • Depression Counselling
  • Anxiety Counselling
  • Anger Counselling
  • Stress Counselling

Fears & Phobias

A little bit of fear can be helpful by protecting us, but when we over-react to our triggers that reaction can sometimes be as scary as the thing we fear. It can make our hearts race, our palms sweaty, our breathing strained. At times it’s embarrasing and at times our fears and phobias can be crippling. Most fears and phobias can be treated very quickly in hypnotherapy and you can relax in knowing that your session will not be intimidating; we are always respectful of your comfort.


You know that your gambling is destoying your life, and the lives of those around you. Right now it’s destroying your future. Whatever form of gambling addiction you have, it is treatable. Whether you are addicted to the pokies, bet on the horses, or greyhounds, other sports betting addictions, play the casino tables, or something else, a gambler’s brain is experiencing some form of thrill or reward and is looking for more. Your mind compels you to keep betting despite the consequences, so the way to treat problem gambling is with a therapy that manages your thoughts and behaviours, and retrains the mind to make better, alternative choices. You could talk to someone about it, or you could actually use hypnotherapy to retrain your mind. Hypnosis will actively alter you thought processes and create rapid changes that put an end to that addictive behaviour forever. It’s natural, safe, and effective.

Low Libido

If you have sought medical help for this and no physical cause has been identified, then it’s possible that there is a mental barrier standing in your way. Evolution Hypnotherapy has helped clients with this issue. Your appointment will be handled sensitively and respectfully. It’s likely(although we cannot guarrantee) that you will notice improvement after your first session.

Life Coaching

Sometimes life seems to be overwhelming; there’s so much to do and think about that it’s not clear where to even begin. This can impact on our mood,sleep, health, motivation, loved ones, family, friends, and our workplace. When you feel you’ve lost all direction an outsiders guidance can give you clarity, and with with the power of modern hypnosis techniques as well as couselling and goal setting, we will work together to give your life structure and direction, motivation and action. We will develop solutions and help you answer all those endles questions, allowing your mind to be at peace and your life to be in order. I look forward to helping you create the amazing life you desire.

Medical Conditions

Hypnosis has been proven effective in improving recovery time after surgery. It has many applications in the health and healing field; it can be used to improve mood, manage pain, create relaxation, and may even be beneficial in managing conditions that have not been identified as having an identifiable cause. Please seek medical advice first. The mind is incredibly powerful and when used positively amazing things may achieved. Contact us now with your enquiry.

If you have sought medical help for this and no physical cause has been identified, then it’s possible that there is a mental barrier standing in your way. Evolution Hypnotherapy has helped clients with this issue. Your appointment will be handled sensitively and respectfully. It’s likely(although we cannot guarrantee) that you will notice improvement after your first session


Sometimes you know just what you need to do but no journey of change can begin without the motivation. It requires the right mindset. That’s why hypnosis is the best way to become motivated and remain on track, because it helps you change your mindset and put you in control of your destiny.

Pain Management

When you stub your toe, the signal that you are in pain is generated in your mind, and that information is sent back down to the toe advising that it is in pain. Pain serves the purpose of discouraging us from doing further damage to the injured part by continuing with harmful behaviour. However, sometimes the pain is excessive and ongoing and limits our ability to perform everyday tasks. Just as your mind (your unconscious) created the pain, so your mind has the potential to manage that pain.

Your therapist is a Certified Practitioner of OldPain2Go, a renowned technique for reducing, and at times removing old pain. A medical diagnosis is required before treatment. OldPain2Go is effective in the management of many types of pain and discomfort, including Fibromyalgia, C.F.S, and M.E.

Old pain (chronic pain) has done its job by making you aware of the old problem, and while it remains it is potentially dangerous as it masks the awareness of any new pain. New pain messages are essential in alerting us to changes requiring our attention and action.

OldPain2Go harnesses the body’s natural ability to self-heal. Generally, only one session is required. This technique does not incorporate hypnotherapy, although we do offer hypnotherapy if deemed appropriate.


To be loved and have a sense of belonging is amongst our most basic human needs. In order to love and be loved we allow ourselves to be vulnerable by trusting and sharing our thoughts, feelings, dreams and insecurities with another person. It is unlikely that anyone else will know us at a deeper level than our partner. Unfortunately, when two individuals blend their lives together it can lead to the greatest pain when things go wrong. Sometimes we just can’t let go of that person, even long after a break up. We need to move on and yet we can neither go back or move forwards. We become stuck in a rut. Other times the spark is lost and it is unclear how to reignite it. There are times when we don’t know where to go from here. It’s not always clear how to move forward, and it’s not always comfortable to discuss personal issues with friends or family. Evolution Hypnotherapy can offer you a new perspective, and also help you say goodbye to the past, to clear the way for the future happiness that you deserve.

Releasing the Past

For many of us there are negative events that occurred in the past that remain with us at some level, in our thoughts, or even deeper within us at a subconscious level. Those events create negative feelings and emotions that we continue to carry with us even now and yet they often occurred months, years, or decades earlier. They have long since passed and yet they affect us at some level every day ever since that time and event. It may not always be evident to us any more as to why we feel and act the way we do but we might feel inside that we are capable of being so much more than what we are. As long as these past negative events remain unprocessed they continue to drag us down and hold us back. I am referring to feelings such as anger, sadness, betrayal, and jealousy to name just a few. Holding on to painful past events can manifest as depression, anxiety, social awkwardness and low self-esteem for instance. Fortunately, hypnotherapy generally acts very quickly and effectively in giving us back our emotional freedom and letting go of the past. It can truly be life changing.

Sexual Concerns

This embarrassing condition is treatable. We recommend that you seek medical advice first to ensure there are no underlying medical issues. If this is the case we may be able to help you.

Hypnotherapy is natural, enjoyable, and best of all it requires no medications. Make an appointment or request a free initial consultation.

Sports Enhancement

One of the secrets of many professional athletes is that they visualise their ‘perfect’ game. Household names like Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods have used this technique and more whilst in hypnosis. It’s very popular with golfers. Hypnosis for any type of sports performance can help with focus, muscle memory, relaxation, accuracy, endurance, confidence and a winning attitude. Get the edge over your competition.