Can Hypnosis Help You Lose Weight?

//Can Hypnosis Help You Lose Weight?

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Can Hypnosis Help You Lose Weight?

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Many of us spend the majority of our lives being unhappy with our weight. We spend lots of money on gym memberships, try all manner of diet plans, and perhaps even consult with a nutritionist. Some fall into futile patterns of yo-yo dieting which can be very hard to break. We fail to keep the weight off because we don’t know what else to try. Diets don’t change those bad habits that have formed in our mind and that now compromise our health and happiness. Time and again we fail to keep the weight off, and instead, we end up heavier than when we started.

If this sounds like you, then it may be time to give hypnosis a chance. Read on to learn about how this alternative therapy can help you lose weight.

Who can hypnosis help?

We all have our own food story. Some of us eat to manage our emotions, for others food is a reward, sometimes it’s self punishment, and sometimes just something to do. It doesn’t matter what your unhealthy pattern is, if you’ve formed it, then your mind also has the ability to change it. What the mind can create, the mind can manipulate. Hypnotherapy offers away to shift those mental obstacles between you and slimness. And it’s potentially quick and easy.

How does it work?

Contrary to the Hollywood stereotypes of therapists waving watches and controlling their patients, hypnotherapy is much less dramatic. At an initial consultation between the therapist and patient, the patient’s goals are outlined. Their eating habits and feelings towards food explored, as are the habits they want to change. This can help the therapist develop a bespoke treatment strategy. It will become a process of breaking down old habits and forming new and healthy ones. We might use the analogy of gradually rewiring our mind’s relationship with food.

Hypnosis and food

Many of us wish we could turn off cravings for unhealthy foods. It would make a huge difference if we could choose and be satisfied with fresh fruit over a fatty fried doughnut (for example). In addition, many people who struggle with weight loss are stress eaters who reach for food whenever they feel an emotional struggle. This is where hypnotherapy can help: 

To achieve weight loss and maintain a healthy weight, we must look at an individual’s habit patterns. Habits are formed through repetition, which, over time, become unconscious responses to certain triggers. If food has become your unconscious strategy, a therapist can alter your thinking and suggest other ways of relieving stress or addressing the real problem. 

Suggestions made under hypnosis are much more likely to stick and change the way you think and respond to food. Any subconscious beliefs that may influence our relationship with food, can be adjusted. 

Ultimately, achieving long-term weight loss means letting go of old limiting beliefs, thoughts, and behaviours. Hypnosis makes this possible.


If you have unsuccessfully tried every other weight loss method under the sun, then it’s time to experience the difference that hypnotherapy makes. Hypnosis retrains the mind’s responses to those unhealthy eating habits. Hypnosis helps you adjust your mindset, allowing you to have a healthy relationship with food. Get in touch with us at Evolution Hypnotherapy and let us help you start your weight loss journey for the final time.

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