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Are you aware that every time we recall a memory we move our eyes to access it? We all do it, and now you know that you may notice it when you’re in conversation with someone. Different memories involve different movements. Each movement is an indication of whether your accessing a memory, or creating one, and which of your senses are being used to recall the event. Eye movements are needed to access memories from different parts of the mind. Sometimes memories are stored as if they are still current events and our body reacts accordingly. This is particularly noticeable in panic attacks and PTSD; old memories still have power over us.
This knowledge has been used to create a powerful technique that can quickly remove the emotional charge from memories. The technique can be applied to numerous other conditions, such as cravings, anxiety, fears and phobias, and nightmares.
If you’d would like to let be free of old emotions that are holding you back, get in touch with us - making a booking or give us a call. Results are generally noticed in the first session, where the intensity of those memories, thoughts and feelings is significantly reduced or removed. 

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our facebook page linkdin instagram
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