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Have you ever been told you’re not good enough, compared unfavourably to someone else, bullied, picked on, called fat, or lazy? At some time, we’ve all experienced that feeling of being put down or judged unfairly. It hurts! Life moves on but often the raw emotion of those events becomes a part of who we believe we are. Significant events such as those just mentioned, can take away our self -esteem and motivation, and change the course of our lives.

We can’t simply classify strong emotions as good or bad. The truth is, it’s all about how we use our emotions. Rob was bullied at school. He felt he was ‘normal’ but the school bullies told him he was one of the ‘fat kids’. It scarred him, and he carried it with him for decades after. Rob started going to the gym. He used his anger and hurt to push his limits further each week. He committed to losing body fat and building muscle. He changed his diet and took supplements. After many months of pumping iron Rob looked great, he was huge. People complimented him on how great he looked, and he felt amazing. He was mentally and physically strong. He may never confront his school tormentors but he has proved them wrong. What a great form of therapy

Powerful emotions can create powerful, positive results when channelled into a constructive activity. Never be vindictive. Always use raw emotions for self-improvement, and take an attitude of ‘I’ll show you I’m better than that’.

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our facebook page linkdin instagram
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