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Do you find your nail biting unattractive but feel unable to stop?

Biting the fingernails is very common but it looks unprofessional and it has health risks. Not only are the nails attacked but the fingers are sometimes harmed too, which can lead to skin conditions. In some cases, it can lead to stomach infection, after all, think of all the things you do with your hands every day; all those things you touch, and all those invisible germs that cover everything.

This bad habit often causes shame and guilt, there is a stigma around nail-biting. Are you embarrassed when handing items to others, or passed something on, and feeling scrutinised or judged as you do so? Appearance is important to many of us, and it’s said that first impressions matter, particularly in business or social occasions. For many women, long nails and nail polish are often associated with dressing up and taking pride in their presentation. Many men would agree that we feel our best when we look our best too.

You started when you were a young child and it’s as if that young child is still making decisions for you and telling you what to do. The nail biting habit can be stopped and a great way to do that is with hypnosis.

Are you ready to take control? We’ll help you break the habit and form a new, healthy response instead. It’s easy

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