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How many hours do you work each week just to feed your gambling addiction?
What have you and your family had to go without because of your gambling compulsion?
Have you become the person you don’t want to be because of problem gambling – keeping secrets, lying, living a double life, perhaps obtaining gambling money by inappropriate means?

Gambling addicts have a lot in common with drug and alcohol addicts, including changes in behaviour and brain activity. The gambler’s brain responds in a fashion likened to that of a cocaine or morphine addict. Eventually you find yourself requiring a bigger win to get the same high. Chasing a bigger win leads to bigger loses and the hole you’re in just gets deeper.

It is common for problem-gamblers to send over $20,000 a year on their habit but the true cost of gambling is far more than how much you lose every week, it’s about the effect on your mental well-being and esteem, your relationship, your work and social life. It affects the people you love; it dictates your future.

Where will you be a year from now if you don’t stop? Don’t sacrifice everything you’ve worked for and everyone that matters in your life, while you give your money away to make others rich. If you want to know how to find the money in gambling, look to those who profit from your losses.

For the sake of everything you still have left, seek help! We will guide you through the quitting process so that you can feel confident that you are back in control. When you stop gambling you’ll be amazed at how everything else seems to fall in to place for the better. Start your new life today. Make an appointment. Hypnotherapy for Gambling works

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